It's Time to Repaint Your Parking Lot

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Painting your parking lot has never been easier thanks to Scotty's Sealcoating. We're home to some of the top parking lot striping contractors in the area. Whether you need help laying out a new lot or repainting faded lines, you can trust us to do the job right.

No matter how big or small your lot might be, you can depend on our striping crew to leave your lot looking better than we found it.

Call us at 270-617-1000 now to discuss your parking lot with a local striping contractor.

Choose a trusted crew for parking lot painting

Choose a trusted crew for parking lot painting

When the time comes to paint new lines in your parking lot, choose Scotty's Sealcoating. There is no parking lot too big for us to repaint. In addition to parking lines, you can also hire us to paint:

  • Direction arrows
  • Reserved spaces
  • Crosswalks
  • Emergency lanes

Want to learn more about our lot striping services? Contact Scotty's Sealcoating today.