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Scotty's Sealcoating makes finding a top-notch sealcoating company easier than ever. We want to help you protect your asphalt, which is why we provide our services year-round. We're passionate about what we do. Our owner, Scotty, takes pride in being at every single job and answering his phone every time it rings. As he says, "experience is the best teacher and I got to do it with my buddies, which is why I love my job."

If you're unsatisfied with the outcome, we'll come back to redo it free of charge. Contact us today to set up a sealcoating appointment.

While Scotty runs a professional sealcoating company, he doesn't stop there. He's also the mayor of Nortonville, KY. He strives to make the community better, and he's recently focused on remodeling city hall and cleaning up the sewer system. To learn more about Scotty and Scotty's Sealcoating, reach out to us today.